Asymptotics of convex lattice polygonal lines with a constrained number of vertices

  title={Asymptotics of convex lattice polygonal lines with a constrained number of vertices},
  author={Julien Bureaux and Nathanael Enriquez},
  journal={Israel Journal of Mathematics},
A detailed combinatorial analysis of planar convex lattice polygonal lines is presented. This makes it possible to answer an open question of Vershik regarding the existence of a limit shape when the number of vertices is constrained. 



On the number of lattice convex chains

An asymptotic formula is presented for the number of planar lattice convex polygonal lines joining the origin to a distant point of the diagonal. The formula involves the non-trivial zeroes of the

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It is proved here that, asn→∞, almost all convex (1/n)ℤ2-lattice polygons lying in the square [−1, 1]2 are very close to a fixed convex set.

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For a convex body K in the plane, let p(n, K) denote the probability that n random, independent, and uniform points from K are in convex position, that is, none of them lies in the convex hull of the

Partitions of large unbalanced bipartites

  • Julien Bureaux
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2014
Abstract We compute the asymptotic behaviour of the number of partitions of large vectors (n1, n2) of ℤ+2 in the critical regime n1 ≍ √n2 and in the subcritical regime n1 = o(√n2). This work

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Under uniform probability, this work proves an almost sure limit theorem for these chains that uses only probabilistic arguments, and which strengthens similar limit shape statements established by other authors.

Universality of the limit shape of convex lattice polygonal lines

Let ${\varPi}_n$ be the set of convex polygonal lines $\varGamma$ with vertices on $\mathbb {Z}_+^2$ and fixed endpoints $0=(0,0)$ and $n=(n_1,n_2)$. We are concerned with the limit shape, as

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