Asymptotics for Some Nonlinear Damped Wave Equation: Finite Time Convergence versus Exponential Decay Results Equation Des Ondes Avec Terme D’amortissement Non-linéaire: Convergence En Temps Fini Vs

  • Published 2006


Given a bounded open set Ω ⊂ Rn and a continuous convex function Φ : L2(Ω)→ R, let us consider the following damped wave equation (S) utt −∆u+ ∂Φ (ut) 3 0, (t, x) ∈ (0,+∞)× Ω, under Dirichlet boundary conditions. The notation ∂Φ refers to the subdifferential of Φ in the sense of convex analysis. The nonlinear term ∂Φ allows to modelize a large variety of… (More)


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