Asymptotically Tight Bounds for Computing with Faulty Arrays of Processors (Extended Abstract)

  title={Asymptotically Tight Bounds for Computing with Faulty Arrays of Processors (Extended Abstract)},
  author={Christos Kaklamanis and Anna R. Karlin and Frank Thomson Leighton and Victor J. Milenkovic and Prabhakar Raghavan and Satish Rao and Clark D. Thomborson and A. Tsantilas},
In the paper, we analyze the computational power of 2 and 3-dimensional processor arrays that contain a potentially large number of faults. We consider both a random a and worst-case fault model, and we prove that in either scenario, low-dimensional arrays are surprisingly fault-tolerant. For example, we show how to emulate an n e x n m fault-free array on an n x n array containing Q(n2) random faults with sIowdown O(logn), the same slowdown that is used by a fault-free n x n array to perform… CONTINUE READING


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