Asymptotic number of isometric generalized Fibonacci cubes

  title={Asymptotic number of isometric generalized Fibonacci cubes},
  author={Sandi Klavzar and Sergey V. Shpectorov},
  journal={Eur. J. Comb.},
For a binary word f , let Qd(f) be the subgraph of the d-dimensional cube Qd induced on the set of all words that do not contain f as a factor. Let Gn be the set of words f of length n that are good in the sense that Qd(f) is isometric in Qd for all d. It is proved that limn→∞ |Gn|/2 exists. Estimates show that the limit is close to 0.08, that is, about eight percent of all words are good. 

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