Asymptotic behaviour of Bohmian trajectories in scattering situations

  title={Asymptotic behaviour of Bohmian trajectories in scattering situations},
  author={S. Roemer and D. D{\"u}rr and T. Moser},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
  • S. Roemer, D. Dürr, T. Moser
  • Published 2005
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Physics A
  • We study the asymptotic behaviour of Bohmian trajectories in a scattering situation with short-range potential V and for wavefunctions with a scattering and a bound part. It is shown that the set of possible trajectories splits into trajectories whose long-time behaviour is governed by the scattering part of the wavefunction (scattering trajectories) and trajectories whose long time behaviour is governed by the bound part of the wavefunction (bound trajectories). Furthermore, the scattering… CONTINUE READING
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