Asymptotic Growth of Whale Sharks Suggests Sex-Specific Life-History Strategies

  title={Asymptotic Growth of Whale Sharks Suggests Sex-Specific Life-History Strategies},
  author={M. Meekan and B. Taylor and E. Lester and L. C. Ferreira and A. M. Sequeira and A. Dove and M. Birt and Alex Aspinall and Kim Brooks and M. Thums},
  booktitle={Frontiers in Marine Science},
Age and growth data are central to management or conservation strategies for any species. Circumstantial evidence suggests that male whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) grow to asymptotic sizes much smaller than those predicted by age and growth studies and consequently, there may be sex-specific size and growth patterns in the species. We tested this hypothesis by using stereo-video and photo-identification studies to estimate the growth rates of 54 whale sharks that were resighted over a period of… Expand
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