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Asymptotic Convergence of Solutions for One-Dimensional Keller-Segel Equations.

  title={Asymptotic Convergence of Solutions for One-Dimensional Keller-Segel Equations.},
  author={Satoru Iwasaki and Koichi Osaki and Atsushi Yagi},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
The second and third authors of this paper have constructed in [14] finite-dimensional attractors for the one-dimensional Keller-Segel equations. They have also remarked in [14, Section 7] that, when the sensitivity function is a linear function, the equations admit a global Lyapunov function. But at that moment they could not show the asymptotic convergence of solutions. This paper is then devoted to supplementing the results of [14, Section 7] by showing that, as $t \to \infty$, every… 
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