Asymptotic Completeness for a Renormalized Nonrelativistic Hamiltonian in Quantum Field Theory: The Nelson Model

  title={Asymptotic Completeness for a Renormalized Nonrelativistic Hamiltonian in Quantum Field Theory: The Nelson Model},
  author={Zied Ammari},
  journal={Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry},
  • Z. Ammari
  • Published 1 September 2000
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry
Scattering theory for the Nelson model is studied. We show Rosen estimates and we prove the existence of a ground state for the Nelson Hamiltonian. Also we prove that it has a locally finite pure point spectrum outside its thresholds. We study the asymptotic fields and the existence of the wave operators. Finally we show asymptotic completeness for the Nelson Hamiltonian. 
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