Asymptomatic pneumocephalus after head trauma: case report

  title={Asymptomatic pneumocephalus after head trauma: case report},
  author={Ozge Ozberk Onur and Hasan Deniz Demir and {\"O}zlem Guneysel},
  journal={BMJ Case Reports},
A 66-year-old man was brought in to our emergency department (ED) with head trauma and was diagnosed with frontal located pneumocephalus based on a cranial computed tomography (CT) scan. At the time of arrival, he was alert and his Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) was 15. A neurological examination revealed no deficit and during follow-up in the ED his GCS did not deteriorate. Cranial CT scan demonstrated nasal fracture. On maxillofacial CT examination, we detected a nasal bone fracture, air loss and… Expand
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Pneumocephalus causing oculomotor nerve palsy: A case report
In rare cases, isolated Cranial nerve palsies, specifically of the third cranial nerve, can result from pneumocephalus following cranial procedures, and direct decompression with an epidural drain and an EVD may expedite the resolution of deficits. Expand