Asymmetry approach to study for chemotherapy treatment and devices failure time's data using modified power function distribution with some modified estimators

  title={Asymmetry approach to study for chemotherapy treatment and devices failure time's data using modified power function distribution with some modified estimators},
  author={Azam Zaka and Ahmad Saeed Akhter and Riffat Jabeen},
  journal={Int. J. Comput. Sci. Math.},
In order to improve the already existing models that are used extensively in bio sciences and applied sciences research, a new class of Weighted Power function distribution (WPFD) has been proposed with its various properties and different modifications to be more applicable in real life. We have provided the mathematical derivations for the new distribution including moments, incomplete moments, conditional moments, inverse moments, mean residual function, vitality function, order statistics… 

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  • 2018