Asymmetrically Doped FinFETs for Low-Power Robust SRAMs

  title={Asymmetrically Doped FinFETs for Low-Power Robust SRAMs},
  author={Farshad Moradi and Sumeet Kumar Gupta and Georgios D. Panagopoulos and D. T. Wisland and Hamid Reza Mahmoodi and Kaushik Roy},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
We propose FinFETs with unequal source and drain doping concentrations [asymmetrically doped (AD) FinFETs] for low-power robust SRAMs. The effect of asymmetric source/drain doping on the device characteristics is extensively analyzed, and the key differences between conventional and AD FinFETs are clearly shown. We show that asymmetry in the device structure leads to unequal currents for positive and negative drain biases, which is exploited to achieve mitigation of read-write conflict in 6T… CONTINUE READING