Asymmetric transformation by dynamic crystallization of achiral succinimides.


Optically active materials could be generated by simple solidification of achiral materials without an external chiral source. When achiral cis-3,4-diphenylsuccinimides were solidified in the presence of a catalytic amount of DBU by evaporating the solvent with stirring, optically active trans-3,4-diphenylsuccinimides were obtained quantitatively with high enantiomeric excesses.

DOI: 10.1039/c3cc41678j

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@article{Hachiya2013AsymmetricTB, title={Asymmetric transformation by dynamic crystallization of achiral succinimides.}, author={Shoko Hachiya and Yoshio Kasashima and Fumitoshi Yagishita and Takashi Mino and Hyuma Masu and Masami Sakamoto}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2013}, volume={49 42}, pages={4776-8} }