Asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-amphidinolide V through effective combinations of catalytic transformations.

  title={Asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-amphidinolide V through effective combinations of catalytic transformations.},
  author={Ivan Volchkov and Daesung Lee},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={135 14},
An asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-amphidinolide V was accomplished. The synthesis features a base-catalyzed alkynyl silane alcoholysis/ring-closing enyne metathesis sequence for facile construction of a 1,3-diene motif. A diene RCM followed by a ring-contractive allylic transposition of cyclic silyl ethers was incorporated for the stereoselective installation of a functionalized 1,5-diene subunit. An efficient proline-mediated direct cross-aldol condensation of two advanced aldehyde… CONTINUE READING

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