Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-L-733, 060 and (+)-CP-99, 994 based on a new chiral 3-piperidinol synthon.

  title={Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-L-733, 060 and (+)-CP-99, 994 based on a new chiral 3-piperidinol synthon.},
  author={P. Huang and Liang Liu and Bang-Guo Wei and Yuan-Ping Ruan},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={5 11},
[reaction: see text] Selective and potent neurokinin substance P receptor antagonists (+)-L-733, 060 (1) and (+)-CP-99, 994 (2) have been synthesized starting from a new (3S)-piperidinol synthon derived from l-glutamic acid. The methods featured a C-2 regioselective reduction of glutarimide (9), Lewis acid-promoted Si to C-2 phenyl group migration of 10, and stereoselective reduction of acetylated oxime 19 as the key steps. 
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