Asymmetric spin-echo (ASE) spiral improves BOLD fMRI in inhomogeneous regions.

  title={Asymmetric spin-echo (ASE) spiral improves BOLD fMRI in inhomogeneous regions.},
  author={Kimberly D. Brewer and James A. Rioux and Ryan C. N. D'Arcy and Chris V. Bowen and Steven D. Beyea},
  journal={NMR in biomedicine},
  volume={22 6},
Functional MRI (fMRI) is of limited use in areas such as the orbitofrontal and inferior temporal lobes due to the presence of local susceptibility-induced field gradients (SFGs), which result in severe image artifacts. Several techniques have been developed to reduce these artifacts, the most common being the dual-echo spiral sequences (spiral-in/out and spiral-in/in). In this study, a new multiple spiral acquisition technique was developed, in which the later spiral acquisitions are acquired… CONTINUE READING


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The impact of susceptibility gradients on cartesian and spiral EPI for BOLD fMRI

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