Asymmetric properties of long-term and total heart rate variability

  title={Asymmetric properties of long-term and total heart rate variability},
  author={Jaroslaw Piskorski and Przemyslaw Guzik},
  booktitle={Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing},
We report on two new physiological phenomena: the long-term and total heart rate asymmetry, which describe a significantly larger contribution of heart rate accelerations to long-term and total heart rate variability. In addition to the existing pair of indices, $${\text {SD1}}_{\rm d}, {\text {SD1}}_{\rm a},$$ which are based on partitioning short-term variance, we introduce two other pairs of descriptors based on partitioning long-term ( $${\text {SD2}}_{\rm d}, {\text {SD2}}_{\rm a}$$ ) and… CONTINUE READING
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