Asymmetric calf hypertrophy of neurogenic origin

  title={Asymmetric calf hypertrophy of neurogenic origin},
  author={Hajnalka Merkli and Engel Pal and Istv{\'a}n G{\'a}ti},
  journal={Pathology & Oncology Research},
A 47-year-old male presented with painful swelling of the right calf. His medical history was negative, except for a herniation of disc LIV-V 5 years before. Physical examination revealed unilateral calf hypertrophy with moderate weakness of plantarflexion, mild paresis of dorsiflexion. Electromyography showed a peripheral neurogenic lesion in the right anterior tibial muscle, but normal findings were obtained from the unaffected quadriceps muscle. Histological examination of the right… CONTINUE READING


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