Asymmetric Synthesis of AntimalarialAlkaloids (+)-Febrifugine and (+)-Isofebrifugine

  title={Asymmetric Synthesis of AntimalarialAlkaloids (+)-Febrifugine and (+)-Isofebrifugine},
  author={Pei-Qiang Huang and Bang-Guo Wei and Yuan-Ping Ruan},
Diastereoselective α-amidoalkylation of N,O-acetal,derivated from controlled regio and diastereoselective reductionof (S)-N-(4-methoxybenzyl)-3-silyloxyglutarimideprovided two dia­stereomeric 6-allyl-5-silyloxy-2-piperidinonesin 76:24 selectivity. The transformation of the major diastereomerinto a known advanced intermediate allowed the synthesis of (+)-febrifugineand (+)-isofebrifugine. 
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