Asymmetric Magnetization Reversal in IrMn/CoFe/FeO$_rm X$/CoFe Structures

  title={Asymmetric Magnetization Reversal in IrMn/CoFe/FeO\$_rm X\$/CoFe Structures},
  author={Po-Ching Hsu and Chih-Huang Lai and Po-Hsiang Huang and C. Shen and Y. Wang},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
We analyzed anisotropy in IrMn/CoFe/FeOX/CoFe multilayers with angular remanence measurements. The results showed the coexistence of biquadratic and unidirectional anisotropies. A significantly asymmetric magnetization reversal had been observed. We studied the reversal mechanism by using vector coils and suggested that the switching in the decreasing… CONTINUE READING