Asymmetric Dark Matter

  title={Asymmetric Dark Matter},
  author={David Elazzar Kaplan and Markus A. Luty and Kathryn M. Zurek},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We consider a simple class of models in which the relic density of dark matter is determined by the baryon asymmetry of the Universe. In these models a B-L asymmetry generated at high temperatures is transferred to the dark matter, which is charged under B-L. The interactions that transfer the asymmetry decouple at temperatures above the dark matter mass, freezing in a dark matter asymmetry of order the baryon asymmetry. This explains the observed relation between the baryon and dark matter… 

Leptogenesis as a common origin for matter and dark matter

We propose a model of asymmetric dark matter (DM) where the dark sector is an identical copy of both forces and matter of the standard model (SM) as in the mirror universe models discussed in

Baryon asymmetry and dark matter through the vector-like portal

A bstractA possible connection between the cosmological baryon asymmetry, dark matter and vector-like fermions is investigated. In this scenario an asymmetry generated through baryogenesis or


The dark matter content of the universe is likely to be a mixture of matter and antimatter, perhaps comparable to the measured asymmetric mixture of baryons and antibaryons. During the early stages

Weakly interacting dark matter and baryogenesis

In the present Universe visible and dark matter contribute comparable energy density although they have different properties. This phenomenon can be explained if the dark matter relic density,

Visible and dark matter from a first-order phase transition in a baryon-symmetric universe

The similar cosmological abundances observed for visible and dark matter suggest a common origin for both. By viewing the dark matter density as a dark-sector asymmetry, mirroring the situation in

A Dark Force for Baryons

We suggest the existence of a fundamental connection between baryonic and dark matter. This is motivated by both the stability of these two types of matter as well as the observed similarity of their

Asymmetric Dark Matter and Dark Radiation

Asymmetric Dark Matter (ADM) models invoke a particle-antiparticle asymmetry, similar to the one observed in the Baryon sector, to account for the Dark Matter (DM) abundance. Both asymmetries are

Asymmetric Dark Matter and Dark Radiation

Asymmetric Dark Matter (ADM) models invoke a particle-antiparticle asymmetry, similar to the one observed in the Baryon sector, to account for the Dark Matter (DM) abundance. Both asymmetries are

Common origin of baryon asymmetry, Dark Matter and neutrino mass

A bstractIn this work, we explain three beyond standard model (BSM) phenomena, namely neutrino masses, the baryon asymmetry of the Universe and Dark Matter, within a single model and in each

Baryogenesis via leptogenesis from asymmetric dark matter and radiatively generated neutrino mass

We propose an extension of the standard model (SM) by including a dark sector comprised of three generations of heavy right-handed neutrinos, a singlet scalar, and a singlet Dirac fermion, where the



Dark matter from baryon asymmetry

The measured densities of dark and baryonic matter are surprisingly close to each other, even though the baryon asymmetry and the dark matter are usually explained by unrelated mechanisms. We

A Simultaneous solution to baryogenesis and dark matter problems

A new concept of generation of the cosmological baryon excess along with the cold dark matter (CDM) in the Universe is proposed and corresponding scenarios are outlined. Possible realizations of the

Single explanation for both baryon and dark matter densities.

  • Kaplan
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
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It is shown that in a general class of models in which the baryon number of the Universe is created by electroweak anomalies, the energy density in dark matter may be related to the energy density in

Dark matter and the baryon asymmetry of the universe.

This work presents a mechanism to generate the baryon asymmetry of the Universe which preserves the net baryons number created in the big bang and naturally explains the observed OmegaDM approximately 5Omegab.

New DAMA dark-matter window and energetic-neutrino searches

Recently, the DAMA/LIBRA Collaboration has repeated and reinforced their claim to have detected an annual modulation in their signal rate, and have interpreted this observation as evidence for

SPECIAL ISSUE: Violation of CP in variance, C asymmetry, and baryon asymmetry of the universe

This form of notation is connected with the quark concept; we ascribe to the/?, n, and Л quarks n c = + I, and to antiquarks, и,. = — 1. The theory proposes that under laboratory conditions processes

Cosmological baryon and lepton number in the presence of electroweak fermion-number violation.

  • HarveyTurner
  • Physics
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It is necessary that the Universe possess a nonzero value of B\ensuremath{-}L prior to the epoch of fermion-number violation if baryon and lepton asymmetries are to survive.