Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and other Inmates

  title={Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and other Inmates},
  author={S{\'e}amus Mac Suibhne},
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Officer strategies for managing interactions during police stops
ABSTRACT This paper draws on ethnographic research carried out in England and Wales soon after the Lawrence Inquiry to present an historical analysis of the strategies used by officers to manage
Goffman, totalisation, and resistance in South Korean coaching: understanding the “underlife” of coaching
ABSTRACT Despite the growing body of research that has examined the complex relations in football organisations, one context that has received considerably less attention is the state-led elite sport
Locked Up and Locked Out: Client Perspectives on Personal Relationships While in Compulsory Drug Treatment
This qualitative study explores clients’ perspectives on their personal relationships while in compulsory drug treatment. Interviews with 31 participants (14 female and 17 male) were conducted at
Prisons as total institution semiospheres
The main objective of this article is to combine Juri Lotman’s theory of the semiosphere – including its concepts of boundary, core, and periphery – with Erving Goffman’s theory of the total
Les femmes détenues d’Unité 9 : entre espace fictionnel et réalité
Dans cet article, nous nous penchons sur Unite 9, une teleserie quebecoise portant sur l’univers carceral au feminin, pour dresser un parallele entre celle-ci et l’incarceration des femmes de ressort
Not Looking Hard Enough
In her recent article on autoethnography and emotion in prison research, Jewkes suggests that “most prison studies remain surprisingly ungendered texts,” and that—on the whole—the scholars who have
The Relationships of Prison Climate to Health Service in Correctional Environments: Inmate Health Care Measurement, Satisfaction and Access in Prisons
These findings implicate health care provision and access as an integral part of prison climate, and suggest that inmates' judgments on access to, and satisfaction with, prison health services are significantly associated with general, non‐health related prison climate measures.
Metaphors Goffman Theorizes By: A Cognitive Semantic Analysis
Abstract The writings of Ervin Goffman, a Canadian-American sociologist renowned for his seminal studies of face-to-face communication and related rituals of social interaction, offer a kaleidoscope
The Pains of Imprisonment and Contemporary Prisoner Culture in Canada
Drawing on interviews conducted with former federal and provincial prisoners in Ontario, Canada, we consider how the unique social conditions in these two institutional contexts shape interpersonal