Asylum as a General Principle of International Law

  title={Asylum as a General Principle of International Law},
  author={Mar{\'i}a-Teresa Gil-Bazo},
  journal={International Journal of Refugee Law},
Asylum, understood as ‘the protection that a State grants on its territory or in some other place under the control of certain of its organs to a person who comes to seek it’, is a wellknown institution in international law and its historical roots in state practice are well established. Asylum is different from refugee status, as the former constitutes the institution for protection while the latter refers to one of the categories of individuals –among others- who benefit from such protection… Expand
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Legal Protection as Competition for Jurisdiction: The Case of Refugee Protection through Law in the Past and at Present
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  • Political Science
  • Leiden Journal of International Law
  • 2017
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