Astrophysical reaction rates for 10B(p, alpha )7Be and 11B(p, alpha )8Be from a direct model.

  title={Astrophysical reaction rates for 10B(p, alpha )7Be and 11B(p, alpha )8Be from a direct model.},
  author={Rauscher and Raimann},
  journal={Physical review. C, Nuclear physics},
  volume={53 5},
  • Rauscher, Raimann
  • Published 17 February 1996
  • Physics
  • Physical review. C, Nuclear physics
The reactions $^{10}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{7}$Be and $^{11}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{8}$Be are studied at thermonuclear energies using DWBA calculations. For both reactions, transitions to the ground states and first excited states are investigated. In the case of $^{10}$B(p,$\alpha$)$^{7}$Be, a resonance at $E_{Res}=10$ keV can be consistently described in the potential model, thereby allowing the extension of the astrophysical $S$-factor data to very low energies. Strong interference with a resonance at… 
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