Astrophysical parameters of Galactic open clusters

  title={Astrophysical parameters of Galactic open clusters},
  author={Nina V. Kharchenko and Anatoly E. Piskunov and Siegfried Roser and Elena Schilbach and Rembrandt D. Scholz},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
We present a catalogue of astrophysical data for 520 Galactic open clusters. These are the clusters for which at least three most probable members (18 on average) could be identified in the ASCC-2.5, a catalogue of stars based on the Tycho-2 observations from the Hipparcos mission. We applied homogeneous methods and algorithms to determine angular sizes of cluster cores and coronae, heliocentric distances, mean proper motions, mean radial velocities, and ages. For the first time we derive… Expand

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