Astrophysical Implications of a Visible Dark Matter Sector from a Custodially Warped-GUT

  title={Astrophysical Implications of a Visible Dark Matter Sector from a Custodially Warped-GUT},
  author={Kaustubh Agashe and Kfir Blum and Seung J. Lee and Gilad Perez},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We explore, within the warped extra dimensional framework, the possibility of finding antimatter signals in cosmic rays (CRs) from dark matter (DM) annihilation. We find that exchange of order 100 GeV radion, an integral part of this class of models, generically results in a sizable Sommerfeld enhancement of the annihilation rate for DM mass at the TeV scale. No ad hoc dark sector is required to obtain boosted annihilation cross sections and hence signals. Such a mild hierarchy between the… 
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