Astronomical pacing of methane release in the Early Jurassic period

  title={Astronomical pacing of methane release in the Early Jurassic period},
  author={David B. Kemp and Angela Coe and Anthony S. Cohen and Lorenz Schwark},
A pronounced negative carbon-isotope (δ13C) excursion of ∼5–7‰ (refs 1–7) indicates the occurrence of a significant perturbation to the global carbon cycle during the Early Jurassic period (early Toarcian age, ∼183 million years ago). The rapid release of 12C-enriched biogenic methane as a result of continental-shelf methane hydrate dissociation has been put forward as a possible explanation for this observation. Here we report high-resolution organic carbon-isotope data from well-preserved… CONTINUE READING

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