Astronomers Seek High Resolution

  title={Astronomers Seek High Resolution},
  author={P. H. Andersen},
  journal={Physics Today},
Astronomical advances often depend upon technological advances. In recent years charge‐coupled‐device detectors on existing telescopes have reached photon efficiencies approaching 100%, significantly better than those of photographic detectors. (See PHYSICS TODAY, March, page 19.) “The 5‐meter Hale telescope with a charge‐coupled‐device detector is equivalent to a 50‐meter diameter telescope equipped with 1948 photographic plates,” says Peter Waddell (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow), who is… Expand
Seeing Stars with Speckle Interferometry
-Astronomers view the universe through an atmospher ic veil surrounding the earth that obscures a large part of the electromagnetic spectrum and distorts much of the remainder, including most visibleExpand
The 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering presented to Antoine Labeyrie
Abstract The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, awarded the 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering to Antoine Labeyrie for the discovery of speckle interferometry which permitsExpand