Astrometric search for a planet around VB 10

  title={Astrometric search for a planet around VB 10},
  author={Petro F. Lazorenko and Johannes Sahlmann and Damien Śegransan and Pedro Figueira and Christophe Lovis and Eduardo L. Mart{\'i}n and Michel Mayor and F. M. Pepe and Didier Queloz and Florian Rodler and Nascimento Santos and St'ephane Udry},
We observed VB 10 in August and September 2009 using the FORS2 camera of the VLT with the aim of measuring its astrometric motion and of probing for the presence of the announced planet VB 10b. We used the published STEPS astrometric positions of VB 10 over a timespan of 9 years, which allowed us to compare the expected motion of VB 10 due to parallax and proper motion with the observed motion and to compute precise deviations. The single-epoch precisions of our observations are about 0.1 mas… CONTINUE READING