Astroglia-derived retinoic acid is a key factor in glia-induced neurogenesis.

  title={Astroglia-derived retinoic acid is a key factor in glia-induced neurogenesis.},
  author={Zsuzsanna K{\"o}rnyei and Elen G{\'o}cza and Ralph R{\"u}hl and Barbara Orsolits and Erika V{\"o}r{\"o}s and B{\'a}lint Szab{\'o} and B V{\'a}govits and Em{\'i}lia Madar{\'a}sz},
  journal={FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology},
  volume={21 10},
Astroglial cells are essential components of the neurogenic niches within the central nervous system. Emerging evidence suggests that they are among the key regulators of postnatal neurogenesis. Although astrocytes have been demonstrated to possess the potential to instruct stem cells to adopt a neuronal fate, little is known about the nature of the glia-derived instructive signals. Here we propose that all-trans retinoic acid, one of the most powerful morphogenic molecules regulating neuronal… CONTINUE READING


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