Astrocytes and oligodendrocytes express different STOP protein isoforms.

  title={Astrocytes and oligodendrocytes express different STOP protein isoforms.},
  author={Mauricio R Galiano and Christophe Bosc and Annie Schweitzer and Annie Andrieux and Didier Job and Marta Elena Hallak},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience research},
  volume={78 3},
Many cell types contain subpopulations of microtubules that resist depolymerizing conditions, such as exposure to cold or to the drug nocodazole. This stabilization is due mainly to polymer association with STOP proteins. In mouse, neurons express two major variants of these proteins, N-STOP and E-STOP (120 kDa and 79 kDa, respectively), whereas fibroblasts express F-STOP (42 kDa) and two minor variants of 48 and 89 kDa. N- and E-STOP induce microtubule resistance to both cold and nocodazole… CONTINUE READING

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