Astrocyte-Dependent Vulnerability to Excitotoxicity in Spermine Oxidase-Overexpressing Mouse

  title={Astrocyte-Dependent Vulnerability to Excitotoxicity in Spermine Oxidase-Overexpressing Mouse},
  author={Chiara Cervetto and Laura Vergani and Mario Passalacqua and Milena Ragazzoni and Arianna Venturini and Francesco Cecconi and Nicola Berretta and Nicola Mercuri and Marcello D’Amelio and Guido Maura and Paolo Mariottini and Adriana Voci and Manuela Marcoli and Manuela Cervelli},
  journal={NeuroMolecular Medicine},
Transgenic mice overexpressing spermine oxidase (SMO) in the cerebral cortex (Dach-SMO mice) showed increased vulnerability to excitotoxic brain injury and kainate-induced epileptic seizures. To investigate the mechanisms by which SMO overexpression leads to increased susceptibility to kainate excitotoxicity and seizure, in the cerebral cortex of Dach-SMO and control mice we assessed markers for astrocyte proliferation and neuron loss, and the ability of kainate to evoke glutamate release from… CONTINUE READING