Astroblastoma: Does histology predict biologic behavior?

  title={Astroblastoma: Does histology predict biologic behavior?},
  author={Brian A Thiessen and Jonathan Finlay and Roshni Kulkarni and Marc K. Rosenblum},
  journal={Journal of Neuro-Oncology},
Astroblastoma is a rare and controversial tumor about which little is known. We have made the diagnosis in seven patients since 1990 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Four patients had astroblastomas with anaplastic features, whereas three patients had tumors which were well-differentiated. All three patients with low grade lesions are alive and recurrence free after surgery alone (mean follow-up 29 months). All four patients with anaplastic astroblastoma were treated with surgery… CONTINUE READING