Astrobiologically Interesting Stars Within 10 Parsecs of the Sun

  title={Astrobiologically Interesting Stars Within 10 Parsecs of the Sun},
  author={G. Mello and E. D. Peloso and L. G. O. D. ValongoUFRJ and R. D. Janeiro and Brazil. and Observatorio NacionalMCT},
  • G. Mello, E. D. Peloso, +3 authors Observatorio NacionalMCT
  • Published 2006
  • Physics
  • Astrobiology
  • The existence of life based on carbon chemistry and water oceans relies upon planetary properties, chiefly climate stability, and stellar properties, such as mass, age, metallicity, and galactic orbits. The latter can be well constrained with present knowledge. We present a detailed, up-to-date compilation of the atmospheric parameters, chemical composition, multiplicity, and degree of chromospheric activity for the astrobiologically interesting solar-type stars within 10 parsecs of the Sun. We… CONTINUE READING
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