Asthmatic disease among urban preschoolers: an observational study.

  title={Asthmatic disease among urban preschoolers: an observational study.},
  author={Gisela J Fritz and Olf Herbarth},
  journal={International journal of hygiene and environmental health},
  volume={207 1},
Asthma is of increasing concern especially in industrialized countries. This cross-sectional study was to assess the influence of spatial and temporal variations in the urban air pollution profile on asthmatic disease. The prevalences presented are based on physician-diagnosed asthmatic and allergic disease data, collected between 1993 and 1995. Seven hundred and thirty-six preschool children (age 2 to 7, mean 5.7 years) of 37 daycare centres in the City of Leipzig participated in the study… CONTINUE READING
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