Asthma amongst Tristan da Cunha islanders

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The incidence of asthma amongst Tristan da Cunha islanders was recorded over a period of 16 months. Thirty‐two per cent of the islanders gave a history of asthma, and 22% had one or more attacks during the survey period. Three‐quarters of the affected islanders had mild asthma. Both the incidence and severity of asthma on Tristan have declined since 1944. 
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In Search of the Genes of Asthma on the Island of Tristan da Cunha
The University of Toronto Genetics of Asthma Project sent a team to the island of Tristan da Cunha to construct a geneology, obtain a history of respiratory and allergy symptoms by questionnaire, perform allergy skin testing and methocholine challenge, and obtain blood for white cell genetic studies.
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Sex distribution confirms the finding that males suffer from asthma more frequently than females, however more females than males give positive skin tests without exhibiting symptoms of allergy, which calls in question the validity of epidemiological studies of allergic disease based on hospital and clinic attendances.
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An epidemic of influenza on Tristan da Cunha
Serological evidence suggests that this epidemic of unprecedented severity occurred in the winter of 1971 and involved 273 (96%) of 284 islanders, 92 of whom had two attacks.
Tristan da Cunha: General Medical Investigations1
The unexpected presence in Britain of the whole Tristan da Cunha community gave a unique opportunity to study this inbred group, but the picture was more that seen in an underdeveloped country where, of necessity, continuous medical care and public health were difficult to achieve.
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This paper is concerned with the composition of gaseous and particulate substances in community atmospheres. The measurements cited were obtained in cities in the United States of America. Although
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