Asthma: an increasing problem in children?

  title={Asthma: an increasing problem in children?},
  author={Mukda Vangveeravong},
  journal={Asian Pacific journal of allergy and immunology},
  volume={16 4},
The study of asthma trend, nonhospitalized and hospitalized cases, and factors correlated with asthma admissions were carried out at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (Children's Hospital) between 1986-1995. Asthma OPD visits had increased significantly (r = 0.9039, p < 0.001). The age distribution of the cases are 0-2, 2-5, 5-10 and > 10 years old group. The number of visits in 0-2 and 2-5 years groups were significantly increased (r = 0.908, p = 0.000, r = 0.904, p = 0.000… CONTINUE READING

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