Asteroid vesta: spectral reflectivity and compositional implications.

  title={Asteroid vesta: spectral reflectivity and compositional implications.},
  author={T. B. Mccord and John B. Adams and Torrence V. Johnson},
  volume={168 3938},
The spectral reflectivity (0.30 to 1.10 microns) of several asteroids has been measured for the first time. The reflection spectrum for Vesta contains a strong absorption band centered near 0.9 micron and a weaker absorption feature between 0.5 and 0.6 micron. The reflectivity decreases strongly in the ultraviolet. The reflection spectrum for the asteroid Pallas and probably for Ceres does not contain the 0.9-micron band. Vesta shows the strongest and best-defined absorption bands yet seen in… CONTINUE READING
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