Asteroid deflection using a spacecraft in restricted keplerian motion

  title={Asteroid deflection using a spacecraft in restricted keplerian motion},
  author={Yohannes Ketema},
  journal={Acta Astronautica},

Mass-Optimized Gravity Tractor for Asteroid Deflection

  • Yohannes Ketema
  • Physics, Geology
    Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
  • 2022
A method for asteroid deflection that makes use of a spacecraft moving back and forth on a segment of a Keplerian orbit about the asteroid is studied with the aim of optimizing the initial gross mass

Dynamics of tethered asteroid systems to support planetary defense

Every year near-Earth object (NEO) surveys discover hundreds of new asteroids, including the potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA). The possibility of impact with the Earth is one of the main



Gravitational tractor for towing asteroids

A spacecraft that can controllably alter the trajectory of an Earth-threatening asteroid by using gravity as a towline is presented, which is insensitive to the structure, surface properties and rotation state of the asteroid.

Dynamics and Control of Gravity Tractor Spacecraft for Asteroid Deflection

Multiple gravity tractors in halo orbits and a hovering solar sail gravity tractor are proposed as an option for deflecting a certain class of near-Earth asteroids that may not require high-energy

Optimal Control of Gravity-Tractor Spacecraft for Asteroid Deflection

Near-Earth objects can pose a major threat to Earth. New ideas and concepts are continually proposed to mitigate possible impact. Among them, the gravity tractor is promising and has been the focus

Enhanced Gravity Tractor Technique for Planetary Defense

Abstract Given sufficient warning time, Earth-impacting asteroids and comets can be deflected with a variety of different “slow push/pull” techniques. The gravity tractor is one technique that uses

Control of Hovering Spacecraft Near Small Bodies: Application to Asteroid 25143 Itokawa

The small gravitational forces associated with a minor celestial body, such as an asteroid or comet nucleus, allow visiting spacecraft to implement active control strategies to improve

Formation flying solar-sail gravity tractors in displaced orbit for towing near-Earth asteroids

Several methods of asteroid deflection have been proposed in literature and the gravitational tractor is a new method using gravitational coupling for near-Earth object orbit modification. One weak

Autonomous navigation of spacecraft formation in the proximity of minor bodies

The paper presents an autonomous navigation method for a spacecraft formation flying in the proximity of an asteroid. The measurements from an onboard high resolution camera and a LIDAR are used to

Dynamical Characterization and Stabilization of Large Gravity-Tractor Designs

This paper addresses the problem of stabilizing and regulating, to a desired reference, the attitude and position of large gravity-tractor spacecraft relative to near-Earth objects to be deflected