Assumption and myth in physical theory

  title={Assumption and myth in physical theory},
  author={Hermann Sir Bondi and Lawrence B. Sklar},
Preface 1. The limits of theory making 2. Relativity: its myths and pre-suppositions 3. Gravitation 4. The origin of inertia and the universe Suggestions for further reading Index. 

The cosmic quanta paradigm fulfils the relativistic mechanics, improves the gravitation theory and originates the nuclear forces

Changing an obsolet physical paradigm, such as the gravitational mass, consents to explain the inertia-gravitation phenomena and the origin of the nuclear forces.

Notes on the Philosophical Status of Nuclear Physics

In our paper we propose a philosophicalanalysis, based on the notion ofphenomenological model, of Nuclear Physics. Inthis way, we will show some peculiarities ofthis branch of physics.

The Fabric of Space-time

The formulae of special relativity are developed through the k-calculus with no presumption of a manifold. The metric is determined empirically by the exchange of photons, and the treatment suggests

From the Lorentz boost to the Milgrom acceleration

We propose a relativistic interpretation of the Milgrom acceleration based on special relativity and more precisely on Einstein-Born-Rindler's theory of accelerated hyperbolic rigid motion.

Non-Inertial Frames in Special and General Relativity

A theory of global non-inertial frames in special relativity is developed by taking into account relativistic metrology and by avoiding the coordinate singularities of the rotating disk and of Fermi

The Fundamental Roles of the de Sitter Vacuum

We overview the fundamental roles of the de Sitter vacuum in cosmology where it is responsible for powering the early inflationary stage(s) and the present accelerated expansion, in black hole

Conceptual Foundations of Special and General Relativity

The k-calculus was advocated by Hermann Bondi as a means of explaining special relativity using only GCSE level mathematics and ideas. We review the central derivations, using proofs which are only a

Gravitational wave astronomy: A interim survey.

The concept of gravitational radiation is introduced and the experiments of Weber are described. The magnitude and nature of the phenomenon are discussed in the light of Einstein's theory of

A note on Dolby and Gull on radar time and the twin “paradox”

Recently a suggestion was made that standard textbook representations of hypersurfaces of simultaneity for the traveling twin in the twin “paradox” are incorrect. This suggestion is false: The