Associations of bread and pasta with the risk of cancer of the breast and colorectum.

  title={Associations of bread and pasta with the risk of cancer of the breast and colorectum.},
  author={Livia S A Augustin and Stefano Malerba and Alejandra Lugo and Silvia Franceschi and Renato Talamini and Diego Serraino and David J A Jenkins and Carlo La La Vecchia},
  journal={Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology},
  volume={24 12},
BACKGROUND Carbohydrate foods with high glycemic and insulinemic potential may influence cancer risk possibly through the insulin/growth-factor axis. Two staple carbohydrate foods of the Mediterranean diet, bread and pasta, have different glycemic and insulinemic responses and hence may affect cancer risk differently. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied the association of bread and pasta with breast and colorectal cancer risk using data from two Italian case-control studies. These studies… CONTINUE READING


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