Associations of adiponectin and fertility estimates in Holstein bulls.

  title={Associations of adiponectin and fertility estimates in Holstein bulls.},
  author={Vanmathy R. Kasimanickam and R K Kasimanickam and John Patrick Kastelic and Jeffrey S. Stevenson},
  volume={79 5},
Adiponectin is a pleiotropic regulator of numerous biological functions, including gonadal steroidogenesis and might play a role in sperm structures and functions. The objectives were to: (1) determine associations among serum concentrations of adiponectin, testosterone, and prolactin, and the sperm DNA fragmentation index; (2) associate sperm adiponectin mRNA abundance with estimates of fertility (sire conception rate); and (3) determine sperm protein expression of adiponectin and its receptor… CONTINUE READING
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