Associations between urinary diphenyl phosphate and thyroid function.

  title={Associations between urinary diphenyl phosphate and thyroid function.},
  author={Emma V. Preston and Michael D Mcclean and Birgit G Claus Henn and Heather M Stapleton and Lewis E. Braverman and Elizabeth N Pearce and Colleen M Makey and Thomas F. Webster},
  journal={Environment international},
Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) is a commonly used organophosphate flame retardant and plasticizer with widespread human exposure. Data on health effects of TPHP are limited. Recent toxicological studies suggest TPHP may alter thyroid function. We used repeated measures to assess the temporal variability in urinary concentrations of the TPHP metabolite, diphenyl phosphate (DPHP), and to examine relationships between DPHP concentrations and thyroid hormones. We sampled 51 adults at months 1, 6, and… CONTINUE READING