Associations Between Instagram Addiction, Academic Performance, Social Anxiety, Depression, and Life Satisfaction Among University Students

  title={Associations Between Instagram Addiction, Academic Performance, Social Anxiety, Depression, and Life Satisfaction Among University Students},
  author={Behzad Foroughi and Mark D. Griffiths and Mohammad Iranmanesh and Yashar Salamzadeh},
  journal={International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction},
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The use of social networking sites (SNSs) has become increasingly popular. Although several studies have been carried out on the addictive use of SNSs such as Twitter and Facebook, there is little research on Instagram addiction and its drivers. The present study investigated the association between students’ needs and Instagram addiction by incorporating physical activity as a moderator among 364 university students. Additionally, the associations between Instagram addiction, academic… 
Pengaruh Perceived Behavioral Control Terhadap Intensi Mengurangi Waktu Penggunaan Instagram pada Mahasiswa Adiksi
Abstract.  Since the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase of time in using social media, one of which is the use of Instagram. Spending a lot of time using Instagram has a
Changes in Student Behavior on Social Networks
Social networks are an everyday part of university students' lives. They use them for various activities related to school, but mainly for personal life. On social networks, it is possible to share


Needs and Facebook addiction: How important are psychological well-being and performance-approach goals?
Previous studies have highlighted the negative effect of Facebook addiction on students’ academic performance. The aim of the current research was to explore the effects of students’ needs on
Instagram addiction and the Big Five of personality: The mediating role of self-liking
This study is one of only two studies to examine the addictive use of Instagram and the underlying factors related to it and shows that self-liking partially mediated the relationship of Instagram addiction with agreeableness and fully mediated the relationships between Instagram addiction and conscientiousness.
The impact of motives for Facebook use on Facebook addiction among ordinary users in Jordan
Facebook addiction was significantly associated with six motives, namely exhibitionism and companionship, entertainment, escapism and passing time, social curiosity, relationships formation and relationships maintenance, which were the strong predictors of Facebook addiction.
Personality traits, psychological well-being, Facebook addiction, health and performance: testing their relationships
The results showed that the Big Five personality dimensions of conscientiousness, openness to experience, extraversion, and neuroticism are significantly related to Facebook addiction, and revealed that psychological well-being moderates the effects of certain personality dimensions on Facebook addiction.
Role of social anxiety on high engagement and addictive behavior in the context of social networking sites
This study confirms that social anxiety people experience in real (offline) life has impacts on online behavior of S NS usage (online), and suggests that the difference between users as the perceived level of social anxiety can trigger different levels of SNS usage.