Association study of two polymorphisms of the serotonin‐2A receptor gene and suicide attempts

  title={Association study of two polymorphisms of the serotonin‐2A receptor gene and suicide attempts},
  author={Concepci{\'o}n Vaquero-Lorenzo and Enrique Baca-Garc{\'i}a and Montserrat D{\'i}az-Hern{\'a}ndez and M. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez and Pablo Fern{\'a}ndez-Navarro and Lucas Giner and Juan Carballo and Jer{\'o}nimo Saiz-ruiz and Jos{\'e} Fern{\'a}ndez-Piqueras and Enrique Baca Baldomero and Jos{\'e} de Leon and Maria A. Oquendo},
  journal={American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics},
Serotonin (5‐HT) receptors may have a role in suicidal behavior. Previous studies have shown an association between the T102C polymorphism of the 5‐HT2a receptor gene and suicidal behavior. However, negative findings have also been reported. We examined the association between the T102C and C1354T (His452Tyr) polymorphisms of the 5‐HT2a receptor gene and suicide attempts. Four hundred forty‐one suicide attempters, 339 psychiatric patients, and 410 healthy controls were compared for genotypes of… 

Association of the HTR2A 102T/C polymorphism with attempted suicide: a meta-analysis

The meta-analysis does not support the previously suggested association between HTR2A 102T/C and attempted suicide in the general population, but in patients with schizophrenia, the C/C genotype of 5-HT2A receptor 102 T/C may increase the risk of attempted suicide.

Interaction between Methylation and CpG Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the HTR2A Gene: Association Analysis with Suicide Attempt in Schizophrenia

Preliminary evidence is provided that the combined analysis of CpG SNPs and methylation may be useful for investigating the genetic and epigenetic factors involved in suicidal behavior.

Association of the 5HTR2A gene with suicidal behavior: CASE-control study and updated meta-analysis

The meta-analysis, comprising 23 association studies (including the present one), showed that the rs6313 polymorphism is not associated with suicidal behavior for the following comparisons:T allele vs C allele (OR): 1.03; 95% CI 0.93-1.13; p(Z)=0.44); C allele vs T allele: (OR:0.99; 95 percent CI: 0.90-1).

Association of polymorphisms in HTR2A, TPH1, and TPH2 genes with attempted suicide in rural China

This study did not support the effect of these seven serotonergic gene polymorphisms on attempted suicide in rural China.

Serotonergic genes and suicide: A systematic review

TPH2 -703G/T SNP may have important effect on susceptibility to suicidal behavior in major depression

Serotonin toxicity from antidepressant overdose and its association with the T102C polymorphism of the 5-HT2A receptor

There was no association between serotonin toxicity and the T102C polymorphism in patients taking a serotonergic drug overdose.

Converging translational evidence for the involvement of the serotonin 2A receptor gene in major depressive disorder



Association of polymorphism of serotonin 2A receptor gene with suicidal ideation in major depressive disorder.

The results suggest that the 102T/C polymorphism in 5-HT2A receptor gene is primarily associated with suicidal ideation in patients with major depression.

Lack of association of serotonin-2A receptor gene polymorphism (T102C) with suicidal ideation and suicide.

The results suggest that the 5-HT2A-T102C polymorphism may not commonly be involved in the susceptibility to suicidality, and was unable to find any association of genotype or allele frequencies to major depression, suicidal ideation, or suicide as a syndrome.

The 5-HT(2A) receptor gene 102T/C polymorphism is associated with suicidal behavior in depressed patients.

No overall associations are detected when patients with major depression and controls are compared for 102T/C frequencies, suggesting that the increased risk for suicidality conferred by 5-HT(2A)-C allele is primarily associated with suicidal behavior and not with the diagnosis of major depression itself.

Association study of serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2A) gene with schizophrenia and suicidal behavior using systematic meta-analysis.

Association between the T102C polymorphism of the serotonin-2A receptor gene and schizophrenia

The serotonin-2A receptor gene locus does not contain common polymorphism affecting mRNA levels in adult brain

The absence of any interindividual variability in relative mRNA allele ratio suggests that the H TR2A locus is unlikely to contain common polymorphisms or epigenetic modification that alter HTR2A mRNA levels in adult brain, and essentially exclude such phenomena as a potential explanation for the altered expression and genetic associations reported to date.

Serotonin 2A receptor gene polymorphism is not associated with completed suicide.

Frequency of long allele in serotonin transporter gene is increased in depressed suicide victims

A systematic review of association studies investigating genes coding for serotonin receptors and the serotonin transporter: II. Suicidal behavior

The 5-HTT result was robust and remained significant following sensitivity analysis, suggesting that 5- HTT may play a role in the predisposition to suicide.