Association schemes of affine type over finite rings

  title={Association schemes of affine type over finite rings},
  author={Hajime Tanaka},
  journal={Advances in Geometry},
  • Hajime Tanaka
  • Published 29 March 2004
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Advances in Geometry
Kwok (10) studied the association schemes obtained by the action of the semidirect products of the orthogonal groups over the finite fields and the underlying vector spaces. They are called the assiciation schemes of a‰ne type. In this paper, we define the association schemes of a‰ne type over the finite ring Zq ¼ Z=qZ where q is a prime power in the same manner, and calculate their character tables explicitly, using the method in Medrano et al. (13) and DeDeo (8). In particular, it turns out… 
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