Association of hypomagnesemia and mortality in acutely ill medical patients.

  title={Association of hypomagnesemia and mortality in acutely ill medical patients.},
  author={George J Rubeiz and M C Thill-Baharozian and Diana Hardie and Richard W. Carlson},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={21 2},
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that the mortality rate of acutely ill patients admitted to a medical ward or medical ICU is higher for those patients who present with hypomagnesemia than for those patients who do not present with hypomagnesemia. DESIGN Prospective, observational study. SETTING Emergency Department admissions to the medical ward and medical ICU of a tertiary care teaching hospital serving an inner city patient population. SUBJECTS A total of 381 consecutive acutely ill… CONTINUE READING
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