Association of extrahepatic manifestations with HLA class II alleles and with virus genotype in HCV infected patients.


It has been postulated that host factors, such as the human leucocyte antigen (HLA) system, may play a predominant role in the pathogenesis of HCV-related extra-hepatic manifestations. This study was performed to investigate the role of HLA- DR and DQ alleles in a group of Italian patients, with HCV infection and associated extrahepatic manifestations and to test whether an association between HCV genotype, HLA locus and clinical or serological manifestations can be demonstrated. Thirty unrelated patients affected by HCV infection with extra-hepatic manifestations were consecutively included in the study. One hundred and sixty-three HCV patients without extrahepatic manifestations were tested as controls for the prevalence of HCV genotypes, and 283 healthy donors were used as controls for HLA class II alleles distribution. HCV-RNA was quantified by an reverse transcription-PCR. HLA class II alleles typing was performed using a standard microlymphocytotoxicity assay on B lymphocyte purified. HCV 2c genotype was found in 53.3% compared to 18.4% of controls (p=0.00001; OR=5.1). Cryoglobulins were detected in 72.7% DR6+ patients and in 31.6% DR6- patients (p=0.05; OR=3.21). Rheumatoid factor was found in 90.9% of DR6+ patients and in 42.1% DR6- patients (p=0.018; OR 13.7). Only two DR5+ patients (20%) had cryoglobulinemia, while 6 patients (30%) in the DR5- group had cryoglobulinemia (p=0.02; OR=0.07). Associations were found between DR7 and ANA (OR=1.74) and between DQ2 and ANA (OR=1.97). According to our findings HLA-DR6 might play an important role in developing extra-hepatic manifestations and genotype 2c could be considered as a risk factor for their onset.


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