Association of eppin with semenogelin on human spermatozoa.

  title={Association of eppin with semenogelin on human spermatozoa.},
  author={Zengjun Wang and Esther E. Widgren and Perumal Sivashanmugam and Michael G O'Rand and Richard Torczon Richardson},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={72 5},
Eppin (SPINLW1; GeneID, 57119) is a single-copy gene encoding a cysteine-rich protein found only in the testis and epididymis, which contains both Kunitz-type and WAP-type four disulfide core protease inhibitor consensus sequences. This study demonstrates that, in seminal plasma and on human spermatozoa following ejaculation, Eppin is bound to semenogelin I (Sg). Six different experimental approaches: 1) immunoprecipitation from spermatozoa and seminal plasma with anti-Eppin, 2) colocalization… CONTINUE READING
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