Association of cerebral palsy with epilepsy.


Fifty patients of various types of cerebral palsy were studied to find out an association between cerebral palsy, EEG abnormalities and development quotient. Seventy-six per cent patients had spastic cerebral palsy. Hypotonic cerebral palsy was the next common type (14%). Athetosis and ataxic forms were found to be rare (2% each). Epilepsy was associated with 56% patients. Clinical types of seizures observed were: Generalised tonic-clonic (43%), myoclonic (17.9%), generalised tonic (10.7%), partial simple (10.7%) and partial complex (17.9%). The incidence of seizures was highest in hypotonic type in which 85.7% had epilepsy. Mean developmental quotient of cerebral palsy patients was 34.9% with maximum retardation in hypotonic cerebral palsy (25.14%). Sixty per cent of patients had abnormal EEG, out of these hypotonic patients had maximum (70%) chances of EEG abnormality followed by spastic patients (55%). Developmental retardation was more severe statistically in the patients with abnormal EEG than normal EEG.

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