Association of caregiver planning with recent experiences of crisis.

  • Margaret England
  • Published 2004 in
    The international journal of psychiatric nursing…


In this exploratory descriptive study, two classification procedures were used to organize and link 479 written plans of 92 adult children caregivers pre-selected for recent experiences of crisis. The subjects provided nearly five hours of care daily to a cognitively impaired parent and composed an average of 5.21 plans for caregiving in the coming two weeks. Subjects reflecting a hands-on, personal approach to caregiver planning reported significantly lower ratings for emotional arousal and perceived risk for loss of health than other subjects. Subjects reflecting an instrumental approach to planning, in addition, composed significantly more abstract plans directed to concerns about personal or relational sense of security. Subjects composing plans reflective of their grief provided significantly fewer hours of parental care and composed fewer plans for parental care than other subjects. This information and how it was obtained can be used to highlight and strengthen decision-making and parental care capacities within the family.

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